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A space for CodeMastery, Alchemy and Magic. Access is not instant, your request will be reviewed.

About Us


The one and only place ever created that unravels the true mysteries of the new codes of consciousness, and teaches you how to read, activate and wield this new power into creating anything you desire.

We’re here to craft the new Code Masters into being (that’s you.)

We take off the training wheels of Shadow / Light Alchemy and introduce you to Dark Consciousness - the true divine chaos that allows for you to break the rules and play in the magical realms that you know exist.

This high-octane energy feeds your Dark Alchemist system in a way that nothing else can. Because you’re wired differently. And as you learn of its magic, you begin to pull through offers, clients, marketing, and an entire genius dynasty that is uniquely coded with your SuperFrequency.

Gone are the old ways of sacrificing your powerful elixirs for pennies. Gone are the constant rituals and energy management techniques that kept your authority and command at bay.

Enter the reign of wealthy alchemists, enchanting energy masters, imperial standards, and pure magic.

The art of mattering. The pulse of your very own unique tone. The ability to speak and breathe a new reality into being with a flick of your wand.

We are not here to settle. We are not here to follow the rules. We are divine disruptors that have learned the true art of multidimensional code mastery, and how to apply it to this dimension.

We don't hand-hold. We don't settle. And we don't tolerate shadow.

It is an extreme game of consciousness that your pure heart has been dying to play. You’ve lost the taste for the old, known ways for a while now. You crave the bold, sharp blade of Truth. And that's exactly what you'll get in here.

Where a word creates worlds. Where your breath makes millions.

Important Notes

We have a few rules that we require you to follow if you choose to join us on the inside. Make sure you read them all.

1) School of Magic Elixir: As you've probably noticed, our information and teachings are very unique. We aren't your average law of attraction group. Be prepared for a major upgrade.

2) Deep Tonics of Submission: If you're here to learn from us, leave your rebel at the door. We have a zero-tolerance policy for questioning our integrity.

3) Drops of No Drama: Absolutely no drama. Ask questions, learn, upgrade yourself. We do not, and will not, adhere to your Victim.

4) Vials of Shadow Awareness: If you're going to call out people's triggers and practice reading energy, be aware of your own shadows as you do so. Bullying someone is not the same thing as skillfully showing them the mirror.

5) Jars of Anti-Promotion & Spam:
ZERO TOLERANCE: We don't allow promotions or spam in this group. Promotional posts are anything with links that lead anywhere outside this group, or invitations to join events or paid programs. If we see you doing this, you and your post will be removed immediately.

Our Website

Want to learn more about who we are and how you can get involved in our work?

Just visit for more information.

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